A Chanukah Poster a' la the Big6


Tamar Schwartz & Reuven Werber

Neveh Channah Torah HS for Girls, Etzion Bloc, Israel


Here is a Big6 Chanukah activity!


Chanukah is an ancient Jewish holiday which celebrates the victory of Judah Maccabee & his Judaean farmer army against the Seleucid Greek-Syrian regular forces. Judah & his men surprisingly defeated their powerful enemy, recaptured Jerusalem the capitol, purified the  Temple and resumed the Holy Service. Chanukah is observed till this day by lighting the Chanukah Menorah (8 branched Candelabra) at sundown every day of the holiday.


This assignment was given to our JH Class in preparation for the holiday. The posters will serve to decorate our classroom before the Holiday.




1. Task Definition

Make a one page poster using MS-Word. The poster should contain a decorative heading, a Chanukah story, law, legend or custom. with pictures or drawings and other colorful decorations.


2.Information Seeking Strategies - Where can I locate texts, pictures, stories, recipes, etc?

Jewish Law books, Holiday Anthologies, Jewish & general encyclopedia, Holiday books, periodicals & articles on display in the school library. Chanukah & Judaica Web sites. Scanned pictures. Original artwork Get suggestions from teachers, family & friends..


3. Location & Access - Locate the various sources in the school or home library, on the Web (http://www.maven.co.il/, http://ucsu.colorado.edu/~jsu/launcher.html, ) in CD encyclopedia & databases.


4. Use of Information - Engage the Information in the sources. Extract relevant information from the sources. note the references of sources- Bibliography)


5. Synthesis

Construct an MS-Word page with Heading, text (100 words at least) illustrations, ornamentation. Compose the page in an attractive fashion, include the reference sources.


6. Evaluation

Before handing in assignment check:

I carried out all the instructions in the task definition.

I spell checked and corrected draft copy.

I printed the poster on a colored printer.

Did I carry out the assignment in full?

If I were to do this kind of assignment again, in what way would I do it differently?