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An Inaugural Project Of The Ann Belsky Moranis Art Center At Neveh Chana

July 2-19, 1996

An Adventure in Tradition and Technology

A Haggadah Happening offers highly-motivated students the unique opportunity to study the text, traditions and art of the haggadah while working as a team to create an original edition of the classic retelling of the Exodus.

Day and evening, participants will immerse themselves in discussions, lectures, slide presentations and excursions with rabbis, artists art historians and designers to examine the textual and decorative themes of the haggadah throughout the ages. They will focus on different artistic techniques, including calligraphy, paper cuts, painting, woodcuts and collage, and consider different media and methods for binding their production. Museum visits and tours of gardens and architectural sites will provide further background material and the foundations for creativity.

This historical and inspirational journey will be complemented by instruction in state-of-the-art computer-aided design and layout. Each day, the group will develop a significant portion of its haggadah on desktop publishing design software and file their progress report on the Internet to glean feed back via the World Wide Web. The final edition will be hand-colored and hand- bound. Throughout the session, each student will keep an individual diary of her experiments and experiences.

Six Centuries and Three Continents in 17 Days

Under the guidance of a distinguished and outstanding faculty, each day of A Haggadah Happening will explore fascinating new horizons.

ז"נשת ,ןסינב ת"פומ סנכב האצרהה תגצמ

הדגהב עסמ.

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